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A Peaceful Place

A Peaceful Place Is Within Your Family’s Reach 

Creating a safe, peaceful environment for children after a parental separation can be challenging for both parents, that’s why companies like us bend over backward to ensure that children feel secure and comfortable during this period. With Shiloh’s professional visitation monitoring and monitored exchanges, we offer a relaxed, natural experience outside of a clinical setting that can be fun and reassuring to your child.


What We Offer

Supervised Visitation

With supervised visitation, Shiloh acts as the neutral third party that observes the contact between the children and the non-custodial parents and ensures the safety of all the parties involved.

Monitored Exchange

Sometimes referred to as supervised transfer, a monitored exchange is the supervision of the transfer of a child or children from one parent to another.


Talk to Us

After a parental separation, the period of transition can be difficult for all parties, especially for the children. Let Shiloh secure your peace of mind today. Call us in Las Vegas, Nevada for more information. With empathy, compassion, and integrity, we look forward to serving your family.

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