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Facilitating Safe, Secure, and Neutral Visitation and Monitored Exchanges

Services Offered

Shiloh assists the family courts in Las Vegas, Nevada in facilitating safe, secure, neutral supervised visitation and virtual monitoring. Learn more about our services and call us if you’re interested in any of them. If necessary, we are available for court appearances and also provide reports upon request.


Supervised Visits 

Supervised visits can be voluntary but are typically court-ordered. Our policy is to protect the best interests of children whose parents have a custody or visitation matter with the family courts. Sometimes, a judge will decide that in order for a child to have contact with a parent, a neutral third party must be present.

We aim to make the visitation experience comfortable for all parties. Our priority is to maintain an unbiased role during visits, and we focus on ensuring that your child is able to interact with parents and family members in a healthy, safe, and secure environment.

Shiloh will prepare observation notes which will be available to the court upon request. We provide flexible hours and are available on weekends and holidays for in home visitation or at off-site locations, such as restaurants, parks, or museums, with the hope of scheduling regular visits.

Virtual Monitoring

When you can't be there in person, Shiloh will help parents and children stay connected by arranging a virtual visit. 

Monitored Exchanges

We offer monitored exchanges so that a child does not have to experience the negativity of conflict that can occur between parents. This way, they can look forward to time spent with each parent.

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